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Every parent deserves to feel equipped and knowledgeable. 

When a child struggles with reading, it can lead to uncertainty. 

In addition to private academic lesson, I also offer some of the resources that I use during my lessons for families to use during vacations, additional at home practice, etc. 

To purchase any of these resources, please e-mail Andrea which resources you'd like and then send the fee via venmo. 

This 79 page resource is great practice for children to use their knowledge of letter combinations to read 1 syllable words. This resource provides opportunities to practice reading words with the combination in them. 


Includes a list of all the letter combinations your child should fluently know by the end of 1st grade as well as instructions for 3 games to play to help your child learn their letter combinations.


This 41 page resource shares instructions on how to read multisyllabic words through syllable division. Additionally, it includes pages where your child will practice using syllable division to chunk out multisyllabic words to make them easier to read. 


This resource walks through how to use sound mapping to spell words phonetically. Great for K-2nd graders.

Also a helpful first step for any 3rd graders who are struggling with their spelling tests.


These puzzles allow your child to practice their knowledge of letter combinations in an engaging way! Match the card to their sound. Once you match all the cards, flip the page to see if the mystery picture is correct!

Resource includes 30 puzzles that focus on an assortment of phonics skills.

Note: These puzzles come in a folder & not a binder.


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